Trailer Hire Surrey

We hire car transport trailers and van trailers to anyone who has a need to move cars, furniture, luggage and garden rubbish – basically anything that’ll fit on a trailer! We supply trailers from a one day hire to whatever you want.

Prices start from £40 for the first day, £30 for the second day and £15 a day thereafter, £135 for one week for car recovery trailers and van trailers.

Luggage trailers are £22.50 for the first day,  £10.50 for the second day and £7.00 a day thereafter, £65 for one week.

Unfortunately we cannot offer one-way hires.

Are you allowed to tow a trailer?  check with www.highways.gov.uk/towing. driver information programmes or www.direct.gov.uk

All car transport trailers are fitted with lights, ramps, winch and spare wheel and we can even arrange a number plate for you. 

Unfortunately we are unable to lend or hire straps or ropes to secure loads.

Booking by telephone (01932 246413)is easy as we will take a deposit on your credit card, and you will be asked to provide two forms of identification (driving licence, utility bill etc.) on collection.



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